March 19th, 2022
– Masaru was awarded the AAAL Graduate Student Award 2022 – Link
– 米国応用言語学会 Graduate Student Award 2022を受賞しました。 – リンク


I am an emerging language socialization researcher and a doctoral student in the Department of Language and Literacy Education (LLED) at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

My current scholarly interests and professional commitments focus on (second) language socialization, academic discourse socialization, multimodality, and knowledge mobilization (among many other interrelated domains of applied linguistics).


My present research interests revolve around multilingual students’ lived experiences in and with second/additional language socialization in academic settings.

I am especially interested in the roles of multimodality in their (L2) academic socialization as a robust theoretical lens for asset-oriented research, as well as a means of praxis to achieve equitable and inclusive educational experiences for all learners.

My interests also encompass qualitative research methodology (case study, ethnography, and multimodal methods in applied linguistics, in particular).


An emergent domain of my professional commitment is knowledge mobilization through multimedia production. It allows me to disseminate scholarly knowledge beyond academia to the general audience, as well as to engage in interdisciplinary collaboration with international collaborators.


Japanese/日本語 (Native)
English (Advanced)

Qualitative data analysis (Atlas.ti)
Multimodal discourse analysis (ELAN)
Multimedia production
(materials development, videos)
Photography (as my hobby)


Central to my activities is community building—whether it be academic, professional, social, or informal. Some events Masaru has organized include: